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« Senpai will be mine, he doesnt have a choice »
— Yandere-Chan's Second Intro
Ayano Aishi or known as Yandere-Chan is the main antagonist of LoveSick. She has to eliminate all of her rivals who talk to Senpai.

Appearance Edit


General look of Yandere-Chan

Yandere-Chan has a black pony tail, with light pink skin. She has grey/back eyes and has a normal breast size. She can be seen wearing a white and navy blue uniform, with a short red scarf, a navy blue skirt, black stockings and black shoes. Her uniform can be customized in many different ways. If she murders a student, her uniform will go bloody. When she commits murder, her sanity will decrease. this will cause her to twitch uncontrollably. There are many Easter eggs that can change her appearance.

Personality Edit

Yandere-Chan disguises herself as a normal sweet innocent girl, buying manga and video games but she secretly hates it. She tries to hide the fact that she is a insane psychopath who will do anything for her Senpai. She is devoted, and will do anything until she gets what she wants.

Abilities Edit

Yandere-Chan's abilities can change, she can increase her strength from 1-5, which can help her take on martial art club members. To increase your strength you can use your study points to gain levels in physical education. She can also increase her seduction level, by reading the Cherry Touch manga. When she has read all 5 manga she can now ask favours from both female students and male students.The Yokai Story manga can change Yandere-Chan's sanity, after she's read all 5 of the manga 50% less sanity loss when she commits murder. Even before increasing her physical education she is already strong being able to push dumpsters around and killing any weak students without a problem. In the future she will be able to kill teachers, but this feature has not been added yet.

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